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Mastering with ease.
Sound your best across all platforms and devices.

Masterchannel automatically optimizes your music to sound great on all devices and streaming platforms. The best thing: It only takes a few minutes, and you don't have to turn a single knob.

Master your music

Hear the Difference

How it works

Semantic analysis
Masterchannel analyzes what makes your music unique and creates several thousand prototype masters.
The prototype masters are benchmarked against industry standards to identify the best master.
The best master is further optimized to meet requirements for release. This is the master you get back.
“With Masterchannel, you get professional sound without having to learn the craft.“
- Matoma

Trusted by the Industry

J-MOX / rayn

"Such a fine AI, it gets my tracks release-ready in no time. The process is super simple, and the outcome is fantastic."

Skinny Days

"The process of dropping a file into the user interface and then getting a great master back within minutes feels extremely satisfying."


"If you want to take the next step as a producer or artist without spending hundreds of dollars, this is the tool for you."

Shaun Reynolds

"Finally tried it out, it is INSANE. The results greatly surpassed my imagination and the tool is a breeze to use."

More Featured Examples

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